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Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

Weekdays 5am-10am

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All I really want, at the end of the day, is for people to look back on their own lives and recognize a moment they spent with me and my radio family as one of those moments that mattered. Not because of anything especially insightful we said. But because we were there for them.

                              —Elvis Duran

Saturday 6am-10am


Weekdays 10am-2pm

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Getting you through the workday by hammering out today's best hits in North Central West Virginia.


Weekdays 2pm-7pm


It is awesome to be back on the air in North Central West Virginia. I have been in radio for 28 years and worked in great places.Aside of loving the sound of my own voice, I love my job, my kids and my husband.

Popcrush Nights with Donny Meacham

Weekdays 7pm-12am


PopCrush Nights, hosted by Donny Meacham is based on the widely read and cited pop culture and music site, The show, which features the hottest new pop music and trending entertainment and music information, airs weeknights 7pm-midnight.

Saturday Night Hot Mix

Saturday Nights 7pm-5am

Hot Mix.png

Hot 1057 brings you 10 hours of the hottest mixes of today's best music to get your party started. 

Sunday Night Slow Jams

Sunday Night 8pm-12am


I won’t stop until every town in every state in every country in the world can listen to Sunday Night Slow Jams,” says R Dub! “I want the whole world to be able to have a special place to come home to every Sunday night!

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